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Your UH Sports IQ


So you think you’re a big UH sports fan? Take this short quiz and see how you stack up! Some questions are harder than others. Some are easier. Some are questions that older fans should know. A few are of more recent vintage. If nothing else, consider this a fun history lesson encompassing the rich history of UH Athletics!

Question 1: Who gave June Jones his very first college coaching job?

A. Dick Tomey     B. Mouse Davis     C. Larry Price     D. Lou Saban


Question 2: Which school eliminated the UH men’s basketball team in the first round of both the 1994 and 2001 NCAA Tournaments?

A. Xavier     B. Gonzaga     C. Syracuse     D. Iowa State


Question 3: The UH football team made its Aloha Stadium debut on Sept. 13, 1975. Who was their opponent?

A. Cal State Fullerton     B. BYU     C. Portland State     D. Texas A&I


Question 4: Which Major League Baseball team drafted Derek Tatsuno out of high school?

A. San Diego Padres     B. Los Angeles Dodgers     C. Milwaukee Brewers     D. Cincinnati Reds


Question 5: Alika Smith and Nani Cockett – two of the greatest Hawaii-born basketball players to ever play for UH – wore the same jersey number during their time in Manoa. What number did they wear?

A. 21    B. 20     C. 24     D. 12


Question 6: Gary Allen remains the all-time leading rusher in UH football history (3,451 yards). Which NFL team drafted Allen in 1982?

A. Houston Oilers     B. Dallas Cowboys     C. New England Patriots     D. Seattle Seahawks


Question 7: How many road games did the UH football team win under head coach Fred von Appen?

A. 0     B. 2     C. 3     D. 5


Question 8: Against which team did Les Murakami get his 1,000th career win?

A. San Diego State     B. Fresno State     C. Pepperdine     D. UCLA


Question 9: Name the former UH Rainbow Wahine basketball player who holds the school record for most points scored in a single game (46)?

A. Nani Cockett     B. BJ Itoman     C. Judy Moseley     D. Kylie Galloway


Question 10: Rainbow Warrior volleyball great Allen Allen was originally recruited to play a different sport at UH. Name the sport.

A. Basketball     B. Football     C. Water Polo     D. Swimming


Question 11: Who was on the receiving end of Colt Brennan’s first-ever touchdown pass as a Rainbow Warrior?

A. Davone Bess     B. Chad Owens     C. Bryan Maneafaiga    D. Royce Pollard


Question 12: Who is the UH men’s basketball program’s all-time leader in career assists (412)?

A. Anthony Carter     B. Roderick Bobbitt     C. Troy Bowe     D. Tom Henderson


Question 13: What school did Riley Wallace coach at immediately before being hired as the UH men’s basketball coach?

A. Colorado State     B. New Mexico State     C. Weber State     D. Centenary


Question 14: What jersey number did All-American setter Kanoe Kamana‘o wear as a four-year starter on the UH volleyball team?

A. 2     B. 10     C. 11     D. 15


Question 1: Which UH athlete was the only winner of the Broderick Cup, which is awarded annually to the nation’s top collegiate female athlete?

A. Judy Moseley     B. Kim Willoughby     C. Deitre Collins     D. Kelly Majam

Answer Key:

  1. A
  2. C
  3. D
  4. D
  5. B
  6. A
  7. A
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B
  11. C
  12. C
  13. D
  14. B
  15. C



15: Amazing. You belong in the UH Sports Circle of Honor!

12-14: Excellent. You’re Sugar Bowl worthy.

8-11: Very Good. Definitely all-conference level.

5-7: Decent. You have a ways to go, but you show promise.

2-4: Not Good. Take a redshirt year to work on your game.

0-1: You must be a BYU fan.