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KIHA Public Skate

Richard Pentecost, Founder of KIHA (Kapolei Inline Hockey Arena), talks about the past, present, and potential future of KIHA.

Since its creation in April of 2010, Pentecost’s goal has been to develop roller hockey rather than skating. However, only bringing in members interested in roller hockey didn’t go well (Although KIHA does have about 325 roller hockey skaters today). Added pressure from his hockey director helped push Pentecost to open his arena for public skating in August of 2018, and it was very successful. Now KIHA is open for events, parties, birthdays, etc., and while they’re only open to the public on Friday to Sunday, the increase in demand has led to them doing private parties on weekdays. Their rapid growth could be a product of being the only type of roller arena around, so when asked about the potential of another roller arena being built to compete with him, Pentecost was confident that he would be around for a while because the original investment is substantial.

Prices for general admission is ten dollars for a two-hour session with an added five dollars to rent skates unless you bring your own. If you would like to stay longer, it is another five dollars for an extra session. KIHA also offers skating classes for beginners of any age. It is a three-hour session with the first hour being mainly instructional.

KIHA offers roller hockey, roller skating, and futsal for the youth, but many of them stick with the program leading into an adult lifestyle. Pentecost ends by saying, “Getting a kid that has absolutely no experience in skating, roller hockey or futsal, we love that part because we want to teach that kid the right things with the right coaching and everything else, and eventually, my vision of things is I want them to become superstars.”