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The Record Holders

The Rainbow Warrior basketball team is celebrating its 100th season. That’s ten full decades of providing Hawaii fans with exciting hoops action. The names are legendary: Bob Nash, Tom Henderson, Gavin Smith, Reggie Cross, Chris Gaines, AC Carter, Alika Smith, Predrag Savovic, Carl English, and on and on. But which players and achievements have been immortalized in the school record books? Take this pop quiz and see how much you know your Rainbow Warrior history!


1. Who is the program’s all-time leader in free throws made?

A. Alika Smith

B. Matt Gibson

C. Chris Gaines


2. Who is the program’s all-time assists leader?

A. Anthony Carter

B. William Colston

C. Troy Bowe


3. What’s the most points UH has scored in a single game?

A. 125

B. 117

C. 112


4. Who holds the record for most points scored in a single game?

A. Gavin Smith

B. Trevor Ruffin

C. Tony Davis


5. Who holds the record for most assists in a single game?

A. Anthony Carter

B. Reggie Carter

C. Thomas Louden


6. Who is Hawaii’s all-time career leader in rebounds?

A. Bob Nash

B. Melton Werts

C. Reggie Cross


7. Which two UH players are tied for most career 30-point games (5)?

A. Carl English and Bob Nash

B. Tom Henderson and Gavin Smith

C. Michael Kuebler and Trevor Ruffin


8. Who is the school’s career leader in 3-pointers made?

A. Zane Johnson

B. Jack Purchase

C. Clarence “Pop” Dickerson


9. Who is Hawaii’s career leader in blocked shots?

A. Tony Maroney

B. John Penebacker

C. Tommy Barker


10. Who is Hawaii’s career leader in steals?

A. Tony Webster

B. Troy Bowe

C. Roderick Bobbitt

11. Who holds the record for most three-pointers in a single game?

A. Carl English

B. Trevor Ruffin

C. Tes Whitlock


12. Who is the program’s all-time leading scorer?

A. Chris Gaines

B. Al Davis

C. Alika Smith



  1. C – Gaines made 442 free throws in his career.
  2. C – Bowe dished out 412 career assists, 9 more than Anthony Carter.
  3. A – The 1971-72 Fabulous Five team put up 125 points against Pepperdine.
  4. C – In 1959, Tony Davis scored 45 points against Cal State L.A.
  5. B – The late Reggie Carter dished 19 points against nationally ranked San Francisco in 1975.
  6. B – Melton Werts snared 1,098 boards in his four seasons at UH.
  7. B – Tom Henderson and Gavin Smith.
  8. B – Last season, Purchase claimed the all-time record (199).
  9. A – Tony Maroney, with 173.
  10. C – Roderick Bobbitt, with 168.
  11. B – Ruffin dropped 10 treys against Louisville in the championship game of the 1993 Rainbow Classic.
  12. A – Gaines scored 1,734 points in his four-year UH career.