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Interview: David Matlin’s search for new football coach

The search for Nick Rolovich’s replacement has officially begun for University of Hawai’i Athletics Director David Matlin.

“It’s a challenge, but this is also an opportunity. First off, Nick Rolovich did a great job for us in all facets – in the community, as a teammate to fellow coaches and the staff, and obviously on the field – so we’re proud of him. Is it sad to see him go? Absolutely. But this is so much better, to lose someone because they’ve had success, than the alternative.”

Most would agree that David Matlin has a good track record with hiring head coaches, which includes Nick Rolovich, Robyn Ah Mow, Eran Ganot, and Stephen Bidne. Since he’s been at the UH, Matlin says he hasn’t really used the traditional ‘search committee’ that has been used in the past, but does utilize advisors just to get another set of eyes. The top two qualities that they look for in a coach for any sport at the University of Hawai’i is character, number one, and the ability to ‘fit’ into the unique environment in Hawai’i.

Unlike previous searches for a new coach, time is of the essence and David Matlin is fully aware of it.

“Here’s the thing, we want to do this expeditiously…But we don’t want to go so fast that we’re reckless. It’s more important to get the right person than get this done 2 days faster than if we do this in a little more thorough process.”

It was announced Monday that Nick Rolovich was leaving the University of Hawai’i to become the new head coach at Washington State. A formal announcement soon followed that Rolovich and the Cougs agreed to a five-year contract worth $3 million annually. He will be officially introduced as the new WSU coach at a news conference Thursday inside the Rankich Club Room at Martin Stadium.