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Hoop Scoops: Feb. 18

By Gary Dickman

Well it wasn’t the week anyone expected, with the UH basketball team losing both games this week, and at home no less. I did not see this coming, and trust me, neither did the team. Already coming off of a 2 game losing streak on the road, things were looking good as the ‘Bows opened up the week against a last place team in Long Beach St. And one of our injured starters, Bernardo Da Silva was back, although in a limited role.

So we all knew that would be a win, but we all know now how that worked out…

Easily the worst defeat of the season, losing 50-49, in a game that is really hard to explain. It’s one thing if a team loses while playing hard and to their capabilities, but neither of those things happened in this loss. I hate  to acknowledge it and I hate that it happened, but it did, for unexplained reasons. This was the only time I’ve seen our Rainbow Warriors play slow, without energy, without passion, and it was a group effort. Eddie Stansberry led the way with 19 points, but there wasn’t one player who played well.

Still, UH had a chance to win at the end, but missing the front ends of one and ones, unforced turnovers, and missing easy shots all added up to this stunning loss. Side note, there should be a stat on how many one and ones a team misses during a game, that’s a potential two points missed that can be very important and should be noted on the stat sheet. That was a loss that made it a night of little sleep for me, other fans, and I’m sure the team. I haven’t given up on this team though, and more importantly, the team hasn’t given up on themselves. I wish more fans felt this way too, but I can see that’s not the case.

Saturday night brought a new opportunity to make up for the Long Beach St. loss as first place UC Irvine came to town. This was the first ever Big West home game for UH on National TV, but unfortunately the highlight of the night was halftime. Bob Nash, and I guess his son Bobby too, had their Number 33 retired in a really nice ceremony. Both Bob And Bobby spoke, all from the heart as you’d expect, and the fans were moved by this great ceremony.

Irvine is a really good team. Our guys played hard, with energy, with purpose. They just lost to the better team. It might have been easier to accept if it wasn’t for the fact that this was the ‘Bows 4th loss in a row, right after winning 4 in a row. But Samuta Avea came back, so at least the team is the healthiest it’s been all year. With 4 games left, there’s so much to play for. The team has a choice to make, to give in and play out the string. Or to fight hard, and fight thru this adversity. As I said, they’re not giving up on themselves.

You fans have a choice as well, are you going to support this team when times are tough? Or are you going to give up on your team? I know which way I’m going on this.

Side bar, I’m in Las Vegas writing this now, I could be losing money at the Blackjack table, but I’m in my room writing this instead. At a store earlier, I was told that this candy will be the best I’ve ever had. I will let you know next week if it is. The candy, it’s Lemon Kit Kat’s. The taste tests start in the morning.