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It’s Just a Dream, But…

By Lance Tominaga.

I don’t know about you, but this coronavirus pandemic is starting to drive me up the proverbial wall. Oh, I’m okay with working from home. I’m fine with wearing a mask. And being somewhat of a loner, I can get behind “social distancing.”

But, man, life without sports absolutely sucks.

Think about it: One of the greatest athletic spectacles of the year, March Madness, never got underway. The championship hopes of the University of Hawaii men’s volleyball team simply evaporated. The NBA and NHL postseasons…nixed. Major League Baseball never even got to opening day.

It’s enough to make a sports fan go batty.

In tumultuous times like this, some people throw themselves into their work. Others seek to fulfill long-aspired personal projects. Still others find solace in inspirational or motivational literature.

And the crazy ones? They write stuff that rhymes.


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