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Happy Mother’s Day from ESPN Honolulu

We wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our favorite moms…

“Our #1 Mommy…love Jaxon & Brockton Apana”
Matt Apana, General Manager

“Our first baseball game together on the mainland!  Mary doesn’t love sports, but she likes going to games!”
– Chris Hart, Station Manager | The Sports Animals

“My Mother and me from my last trip to New York. I love seeing her every year. To show how much she means to me, I go to less sporting events so I can spend more time with her. To me, every day should be Mother’s Day.”
– Gary Dickman, The Sports Animals

(Left) “Rosa Custodio is my paternal grandmother and the woman that raised me. Rosa taught me how to read, how to cook, how to catch the “circle island bus”. But most importantly she taught me how to pray and how to love eternally. She turns 100 this August! Happy Mother’s Day Lola Rosa.”
(Right) “Florence Custodio – this is my mom! And as you can see she was young and vibrant… then she had me! Jokes aside I tell people all the time, I may have my dad’s character, but I have my mom’s heart. We share the same fire & passion. My sister used to say, (my mom and I) used to “argue” because we had the same temperament. I say we love hard! Happy Mother’s Day mom! Love you!”
– AC Custodio, Operations Manager 

“Mother’s Day is always filled with love and happiness as Laura and I celebrate it with our families.  Though our mothers have passed our memories are with them always.  Our kids, Landon & Peirce and Rashelle live in California so we look forward to skyping with them. This year is special as Rashelle is working in Hawaii and we’ll be able to celebrate it together.”
– Sheldon Nagata, Senior Account Manager

“This is my beautiful Mom, Maureen Tominaga. She is the most loving and kind-hearted Mom that I could ever ask for. Also, she was the news editor for her high school newspaper, “The Governor” – and that helped to inspire me to be a writer.”
– Lance Tominaga, Web Editor

“Wishing a happy Mother’s Day to my wife Hezelyn who is important to our family of three.  Her work ethic is second to none.  She keeps the family on track with making sure we are where we are suppose to be.  She is a devoted mom and wife and we love her for all that she does.  She completes us.”

– Rob Hienaman, Senior Account Manager

“My mom Sharon has been the rock to our family and always been one to put others before herself.  I couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring and bigger supporter to lean on thru this journey in life.”
– Chris Mols, Account Manager

“Happy Mother’s Day to my mom (left) and grandma! They are the BEST women I know and I am so fortunate to have them in my life. Always supportive, loving, generous, caring, the list goes on! I love you both to infinity and beyond!”
– Ku’ulei Agbayani, Traffic and Digital Media Manager


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!