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Test Your Sports IQ

It’s time for another round of sports trivia, people! Here are 10 questions that will test your all-around sports knowledge. And remember, when this pandemic gets under control and it becomes safe to get together again, we will be holding our Ultimate Sports Trivia Challenge “Final Four” at Champs Sports Bar & Grill. Enjoy your Sunday!


1. Who did the Rainbow Warrior basketball team beat in 2016 to earn its first-ever NCAA Tournament win?

2. Who is college basketball’s all-time winningest coach?

3. What Hawaii sports facility made its debut on Feb. 17, 1984?

4. Where did NFL receiver Odell Beckham Jr. play his college ball?

5. Who is the highest scoring foreign-born player in NBA history?

6. What was the nickname of former Major League Baseball pitcher Mitch Williams?

7. Who’s the current head coach of the Boston Celtics?

8. In what basketball movie did comedian Bill Murray tell his teammates, “Whoa-whoa-whoa. I don’t play defense”?

9. What’s the nickname of the National Hockey League’s Calgary franchise?

10. What sports movie features the characters of Crash Davis and Nuke Laloosh?



1. Cal Berkeley

2. Mike Krzyzewski

3. Les Murakami Stadium

4. LSU

5. Dirk Nowitzki

6. “Wild Thing”

7. Brad Stevens

8. “Space Jam”

9. Flames

10. “Bull Durham”

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