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Adding Insult to Injury

The big story of the NFL’s Week 2 is the rash of injuries to key players. The Giants’ Saquon Barkley and the 49ers’ Nick Bosa are already out for the season, and the Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey will be sideline for 4-6 weeks.

Of Course, injuries in sports are an unfortunate but accepted occurrence. On any given day, we hear about our favorite athletes dealing with sprained ankles, pulled muscles, torn ligaments or even concussions. But what about the maladies that happen off the field or court? Here are some of the most bizarre injuries suffered by famous athletes.

NOT-SO-HAPPY MEAL: In 1992, after eating an in-flight meal, Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine threw up so violently that he cracked two ribs. He was forced to go on the team’s Disabled List.

EYE SORE: In 1994, Phoenix Suns superstar Charles Barkley suffered blurred vision after rubbing lotion into his eyes at an Eric Clapton concert.

ALL THUMBS: Sacramento Kings forward Lionel Simmons got tendonitis in both thumbs in 1991 after playing too much GameBoy.

ARACHNOPHOBIA: Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Glenallen Hill crashed through a glass table and suffered cuts and limbs all over his body while sleepwalking. Hill was having a nightmare about being chased by spiders.

EGG ON HIS FACE: Scottish soccer star Kirk Broadfoot had to go to the hospital after an egg he was microwaving exploded in his face. The hot liquid scalded his cheek.

USING YOUR HEAD: After scoring a touchdown against the New York Giants in a 1997 game, Washington Redskins QB Gus Frerotte headbutted a wall and, as a result, sprained his neck. He had to go to the hospital at halftime and missed the rest of the game.

SEEDS OF DISCONTENT: Texas Rangers reliever Greg Harris was forced to miss a couple of games because of elbow inflammation. The cause? He flicked too many sunflower seeds at a teammate in the dugout.

THIS BITES: In the 1930s, minor league baseball pitcher Clarence Blethen tore a piece of his rear end while sliding into second base. The offending culprit was the dentures that he kept in his back pocket.

DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING: In 2008, Manchester United’s Darren Fletcher suffered a head injury after a toilet stall door fell on his head.

SHOT OF A LIFETIME: We all remember this one: In 2008, New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg at a nightclub.

IRON MAN: Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brian Anderson burned one side of his face after holding an iron to it to see whether it was hot or not. (It was.)

PIZZA, PIZZA: In 2013, Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson suffered a broken arm after losing control of his vehicle and crashing into a median. Burleson had tried to save a sliding pizza box from falling off the passenger seat.

DRILL SEEKER: In 2002, suffering from a swollen toe, soccer star Darius Vassell figured that he should drain some blood to relieve the pressure. So he drilled through his toenail with a home power drill. Needless to say, it made matters worse. The toe became infected and part of the toenail had to be removed.

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