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Quiz: Wrestling’s Fabulous Females

Women have come a long way in the “sport” of professional wrestling. Gone are the days when grappling gals were viewed as infrequent special attractions or novelty acts. Today, women are regularly featured on most wrestling shows, and are occasionally even given main event status in the WWE, the world’s biggest wrestling company. So this Pop Quiz is for you wrestling fans out there. See how much you really know about these fighting females!

1. What sport did WWE superstar Charlotte Flair compete in college?

A. Basketball

B. Tennis

C. Volleyball

2. When she’s not wrestling, AEW star Britt Baker works as a:

A. Dentist

B. Physical therapist

C. Math teacher

3. Which WWE superstar’s real-life name is Rebecca Quin?

A. Bayley

B. Becky Lynch

C. Liv Morgan

4. Current WWE Smackdown women’s champion Sasha Banks is a real-life cousin of what famous rapper?

A. 50 Cent

B. Snoop Dogg

C. Ice Cube

5. What women’s wrestler has the macabre nickname, “The Undead Bride”?

A. Su Yung

B. Kiera Hogan

C. Nyla Rose

6. What AEW performer was formerly a competitive figure skater?

A. Penelope Ford

B. Anna Jay

C. Brandi Rhodes

7. Who were the original two members of “The Beautiful People”?

A. Madison Rayne and Taylor Wilde

B. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky

C. Lacey Von Erich and Brooke Tessmacher

8. Who did Ronda Rousey beat to win the WWE women’s championship?

A. Nia Jax

B. Naomi

C. Alexa Bliss

9. What former wrestling champion is married to celebrity chef Robert Irvine?

A. Gail Kim

B. Mickie James

C. Beth Phoenix

10. What was the name of the WWE’s first all-women’s PPV event?

A. “Evolution”

B. “Breaking Ground”

C. “Pinnacle”

11. The feature film, “Fighting with My Family,” is a bio-pic of what former WWE champion?

A. Trish Stratus

B. Paige

C. AJ Lee

12. WWE superstars Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are real-life natives of what country?

A. New Zealand

B. Australia

C. Ireland



1 – C. Ashley Fliehr played volleyball at Appalachian State in 2005 and ’06.

2 – A. Doctor Baker works four days a week as a dentist.

3 – B. Becky Lynch

4 – B. Snoop Dogg

5 – A. Su Yung

6 – C. Rhodes was a competitive figure skater for 17 years.

7 – B. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky formed their tag team in 2008.

8 – C. Rousey defeated Bliss to capture the Raw women’s championship at the 2018 SummerSlam.

9 – A. Kim and Irvine were married in 2012.

10 – A. The WWE’s “Evolution” PPV was held on Oct. 28, 2018 in Uniondale, New York.

11 – B. The film was based on the real-life story of Paige and her journey to becoming a wrestling star.

12 – B. The real-life best friends are from Australia.

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