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ICYMI: Interview With Bob Harig

Bob Harig, ESPN.com golf writer, was a guest on “The Sports Animals” on April 4.

Harig thinks that the “very helpful something” that Bryson DeChambeau wont get into specifics about is a driver with a very low loft.

“Maybe four and a half degrees, which is insane. Most of us couldn’t even get a ball off the ground trying to hit with a club like that, but Bryson, he’s gonna hit it a mile high.”

He added that this is very risky, to be fiddling around with new ideas this close to the Masters Tournament, but he also says that this is very much like DeChambeau.

“He’s always tinkering,  always trying to maximize what he’s got.”

Harig notes the fact that DeChambeau has been proving us wrong for a while now. Ever since he started going to the gym and gaining weight he’s been defying what has always been said about golfers.  The narrative has always been that golfers need to be flexible, but DeChambeau has changed that and done it another way successfully.