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Farewell to Jacksonville

When COVID-19 hit us during the first quarter of 2020, it seemed the whole world came to a standstill. For All Elite Wrestling, a fledging wrestling promotion that was less than a year old, the pandemic could have spelled doom. The company was forced to stop touring. Live shows were canceled, and owner Tony Khan was faced with a curious dilemma: Can pro wrestling exist without live crowds?

Like so many other enterprising businesses, AEW adapted and tried to make the best of an impossible situation. The company soon made Daily’s Place in Jacksonville it’s base of operations. (Daily’s Place is a facility belonging to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, which are owned by the Khan family.) Without missing a single week of television, AEW staged their shows from Daily’s Place, using wrestling “extras” as their live audience. What’s more, the company brought in dozens of independent wrestlers from around the U.S., giving them a chance to make some money and to showcase their talents to a worldwide audience.

Somehow it worked.

Last Wednesday, AEW held their final show in Jacksonville (for now). Starting this week, the company will be returning to their touring schedule, taking their brand of wrestling all across the country. As part of their “Jacksonville Appreciation Night,” AEW played a special video highlighting their stay in Duval. From amazing moves and surprise debuts to a loving tribute to a lost member of their AEW family, the video packs a lot of memories. Check it out:


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