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Yule Love this Quiz!

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Merry Christmas, all! We hope you’re having a safe and happy holiday, full of Christmas cheer and joy! Here’s a little Christmas quiz that you can take with your ohana. Of course, we included some sports-related questions just to spice things up a bit. Enjoy!

  1. What real-life department store was the Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street based on?
    A. Sears
    B. Macy’s
    C. Woolworth
  2. In 1982, Washington and Maryland squared off in this inaugural Christmas Day bowl game.
    A. Aloha Bowl
    B. Poinsettia Bowl
    C. Winter Wonderland Bowl
  3. From what country did eggnog originate?
    A. Norway
    B. Switzerland
    C. England
  4. Who holds the NBA record for most total points scored on Christmas Day games (395)?
    A. Steph Curry
    B. Kobe Bryant
    C. LeBron James
  5. In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, what was given on the seventh day?
    A. Seven ladies dancing
    B. Seven geese a-laying
    C. Seven swans a-swimming
  6. In 2003, Timmy Chang threw for 475 yards and five TDs to lead Hawaii a thrilling 3OT victory in the Hawaii Bowl. Who did UH beat?
    A. Houston
    B. Alabama-Birmingham
    C. Arizona State
  7. According to Screen Rant, what is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time?
    A. Home Alone
    B. The Polar Express
    C. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
  8. What was the first company to use Santa Claus in advertising?
    A. Coca-Cola
    B. JC Penney
    C. Ford Motors
  9. What NBA coaching legend notched his 1,000th career win on Christmas Day?
    A. Pat Riley
    B. Phil Jackson
    C. Don Nelson
  10. What famous Christmas song was actually written for Thanksgiving?
    A. Home for the Holidays
    B. Jingle Bells
    C. Baby, It’s Cold Outside


  1. B. Macy’s
  2. A. Aloha Bowl
  3. C. England
  4. B. Kobe Bryant
  5. C. Seven swans a-swimming
  6. A. Houston
  7. C. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
  8. A. Coca-Cola
  9. B. Phil Jackson
  10. B. Jingle Bells

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