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The Difference Maker ft. Jeremiah White, Kaimuki High School ’24

The Difference Maker- Jeremiah White

Jeremiah White is a duo sport athlete at Kaimuki High School who exudes perseverance and hard work. In 2020, Jeremiah’s world was flipped upside down when his father, Josh Zeus White passed away. Josh was a tremendous athlete who was an All-State Football Selection at Farrington in 1994 and was a big supporter and role model in Jeremiah’s life.

Jeremiah pushes himself in the classroom and strives to excel in athletics in the way his dad would’ve wanted him to. He’s had to persevere through a lot of challenges and that’s what makes him a difference maker.

Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Jarin Kobashigawa // Filmed by Jonathan Salvador // Voiced by Ryan Hirata // Produced by Cole Cabrera // Assisted by Chanel Tsutsuse

The Difference Maker ft. Jeremiah White is presented by Cutter Ford.

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