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Marcus Mariota and the “Aloha Spirit”

Marcus Mariota says the Aloha Spirit is “everyone is just genuinely good people.”

Amie Wells from TitansOnline.com visited Marcus Mariota in Hawai’i during the off-season to discuss how the “Aloha Spirit” impacts the Titans QB’s approach to life, family and football.

Do you take that (Aloha Spirit) mindset and translate that onto the football field when you’re interacting with your teammates?

Relationships, to me, matter a whole lot more…Whether you win a bunch of games or things don’t go to plan, those relationships that you build with the guys around you lasts a lifetime. So that to me is meaningful.

Why is focusing on Polynesian kids so important to you?

Well, it’s a part of me. I truly believe that being Polynesian, being Samoan, you hold everyone that’s Polynesian on your shoulders. And you want to do your best to represent them the best that you can.

My group of guys, my family, every time I take the field those are the people I think about. Those are the people that got me to where I’m at. They gave me the opportunity. They supported me. So whenever I come home it’s nice to be able to just say thank you and hang out and spend time with them.