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This one’s for you pro wrestling fans! Take this pop quiz and see how you score. Some questions are relatively easy, while others may put you down for the three count. Have fun grappling with these trivia challenges!


1. What was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s ring name when he first debuted in the WWF (now WWE)?

A. Stevie Sunshine

B. The Ringmaster

C. “Stunning” Steve Williams


2. Who is credited with training “Nature Boy” Ric Flair to be a professional wrestler?

A. Verne Gagne

B. Lou Thesz

C. “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers


3. What was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first Hollywood film?

A. Scorpion King

B. The Rundown

C. The Mummy Returns


4. In September 2016, Becky Lynch became Smackdown’s inaugural women’s champion. Who did she beat in her very first televised title defense?

A. Carmella

B. Natalya

C. Alexa Bliss


5. Who is the only tag team to win world tag team championships in the three major promotions of the 1980s – the WWF, NWA and AWA?

A. The Road Warriors

B. The Fabulous Freebirds

C. The Rock & Roll Express


6. What Hall of Fame superstar was “discovered” in a bar by the legendary tag team duo of Jack and Jerry Brisco?

A. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

B. Hulk Hogan

C. King Kong Bundy


7. What famous wrestler originally played minor league baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals’ organization?

A. Randy “Macho Man” Savage

B. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig

C. Lex Luger


8. What wrestler previously worked using the ring names of “Texas Red,” “Master of Pain” and “Punisher Dice Morgan”?

A. Sid Vicious

B. Big Show

C. The Undertaker


9. Who was Sting’s tag team partner in “The Blade Runners”?

A. Rick Steiner

B. Ultimate Warrior

C. Scott Hall


10. Who did John Cena beat to capture his very first WWE world championship?

A. Kurt Angle

B. Triple-H

C. John Bradshaw Layfield


11. Who were Sasha Banks’ allies in the trio “Team B.A.D.”?

A. Paige and Alicia Fox

B. Naomi and Tamina

C. Summer Rae and Nia Jax


12. Who was Andre the Giant’s opponent for the very first WrestleMania?

A. Big John Studd

B. King Kong Bundy

C. Hercules Hernandez




1 – B. The Ringmaster

2 – A. Verne Gagne

3 – C. The Mummy Returns

4 – C. Alexa Bliss

5 – A. The Road Warriors

6 – B. Hulk Hogan

7 – A. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

8 – C. The Undertaker

9 – B. Ultimate Warrior

10 – C. John Bradshaw Layfield

11 – B. Naomi and Tamina

12 – A. Big John Studd



12: You’re Mr. Perfect!

10-11: Hall of Fame worthy!

7-9: Nice work! You’ve got “main event” in your future!

3-6: Sorry, you’re stuck in the prelims.

1-2: You’re a jobber with no future in this business.

Zero: C’mon, man!