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Gary’s Hoop Scoops: Mid-season Grades

It’s hard to believe that the season is just about half over for the UH men’s basketball team. Big West play will start next week, more on that later. I usually don’t predict how teams will do anymore, as far as wins and losses. I like to analyze and think of potential going into a season. But with UH at 9-5, I think it’s a good time to reflect how this season has gone.

I always say injuries are never a good excuse for a team because every team goes through it on every level. Still, it didn’t make it easy for the ‘Bows when they lost 2 guards they were counting on right before the season started. Then you throw in the loss of Eran Ganot, who missed the first 13 games with a medical situation, and I give this team a lot of credit. Not just for being 9-5, but for overcoming so much adversity. And I feel all fans should give credit to Chris Gerlufson, who took over this team on short notice. It seemed as though they were playing as well as they would have if Eran was there. His assistants deserve a lot of credit as well for treating Gerlufson as if he’s been there a long time.

I give the coaches an A for a mid season grade. I feel they’ve made the right choices in game situations and have not been out coached. I feel another A grade goes to the backcourt of ‘Steady’ Eddie and Drew ‘Drive’ Buggs. I gave out this A before the last 2 games of the Diamond Head, hope that’s ok. I still feel those 2 will prove to be the best backcourt in the Big West.

For the forward positions, a solid B for Samuta Avea and Zigmars Raimo. I was close to making this an A, but I get called a homer often enough already. Seriously, these 2 have played better than I thought they would and have shown a lot of improvement. Muta on his outside jumper and Zigs on his passing and finishing.

I do have an incomplete grade for the center spot, or the 5. I was hoping for more from Dawson Carper and Mate Colina. Both have played well in spurts, but not consistently. They need to use their size as an advantage. The good thing is they’re still young and have time to improve.

I give this team a B overall. They’ve played really well for the most part. They have a lot of talent at different positions and can win in different ways, with different players leading the way on any given night.

Last week versus GA Tech, the second half was the worst I’ve seen this team play and that can happen every now and then. But vs Maine on Sunday, wow, what a difference. EVERY player had a great/good game.  Everyone contributed and made big plays, which leaves me very optimistic for the Big West.

I think it’s up for grabs who wins it. If UH can slow down the bigs from UCSB (Amadou Sow) and CSUN (Lamine Diane), they can beat anyone.

Let’s get ready for a winning 2020 season. I can’t wait.

By Gary Dickman