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Got the Post-Rolo Blues? Feeling jilted or betrayed? Are you now questioning the very existence of Rainbow Warrior football? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve read your letters and emails, and we sympathize with your plight. Nick Rolovich’s exit as our football coach has left many of us wondering what the future holds for the program. So sit back, relax and take a deep breath as we dive into another edition of “Dear Gabby”…

Dear Gabby: I don’t understand. Coach Rolovich had a good thing going here. He’s coming off a Mountain West division title, and he coached UH to a big win over BYU in the SoFi Hawaii Bowl. He’s loved over here. Why did he leave? – Confused in Kaka‘ako

Dear Confused: I can give you fifteen million reasons why he left.

Dear Gabby: Whatever happened to “Defend Pride Rock”? – Perturbed in Palolo

Dear Perturbed – I guess it’s now “Protect Palouse River.”

Dear Gabby: Where do you think Nick Rolovich ranks among the all-time UH football coaches? I think he could have eventually surpassed June Jones if he stayed. – Wondering in Waianae

Dear Wondering: Doubtful. A more apt comparison would be to Greg McMackin. Check it out: Both Mack and Rolo lasted four seasons as UH head coaches. Mack’s record here was 29-25, Rolo’s was 28-27. Mack won a WAC championship, Rolo captured a MW division title. Mack led Hawaii to two Hawaii Bowl appearances, Rolo led UH to three. Mack had a record-setting QB in Bryant Moniz and top receivers like Greg Salas and Kealoha Pilares. Rolo had a record-setting QB in Cole McDonald and top receivers like John Ursua and Cedric Byrd. Of course, Mack had the advantage of inheriting a team just coming off a Sugar Bowl season, while Rolo had to completely rebuild the program after the Norm Chow years. So maybe he gets the slight nod over McMackin.

Dear Gabby: I can’t blame Rolo for taking the Wazzu job. He’s got a family to take care of. My question is, who do you think will be our new head coach? – Intrigued in Iwilei

Dear Intrigued: If I had to wager on it, I’d put my money on Craig Stutzmann. He’s young, energetic and has strong local ties. Just as importantly, Coach Stutz would enable a seamless transition to the new era of UH football. I would think keeping the run-and-shoot offense would be imperative, although Stutz will likely add a few wrinkles.

Dear Gabby: Sorry, I just need to vent. I am so p—sed right now! – Livid in La‘ie

Dear Livid: I hear ya. Trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve received similar angry notes from Mad in Makiki, Hurting in Hale‘iwa, Annoyed in Aina Haina, Heated in Hanalei, Outraged in Olowalu, Incensed in Iroquois Point and Miffed in Mililani.

Dear Gabby: I don’t get it. Why can’t we offer head coaching salaries that are competitive with the Power 5 schools? Is Dave Matlin dropping the ball, or is it the UH administration and/or state legislature? – Perplexed in Pearl City

Dear Perplexed: Have you been paying attention to the football attendance numbers? We couldn’t even get 20,000 people through the turnstiles at the Hawaii Bowl. And did you see that big section of empty orange seats? That’s the UH student section. How can Matlin or anyone else justify paying the football coach $3 million annually when no one bothers to show up at the stadium? There are a lot of great UH fans in Hawaii. Just not enough of them.

Dear Gabby: I’m thrilled that Coach Rolovich has taken the WSU job! You have a good little football team over there in Hawaii, but the Pac-12 is where the big boys play. I expect him to pick right up where Coach Leach left off. It’s just a matter of time before we win conference titles and reach the CFP championship. What do you think about that? – Partying in Pullman

Dear Partying: I’m thinking Washington became the first U.S. state to legalize marijuana for recreational use (fact: 2012), and it’s really showing.

Dear Gabby: I, for one, am happy that Rolovich is gone. He’s a fine young man and all that, but I don’t like his approach to football. I would like to see a return to the pro-style offense with a balanced attack. With the right offense and old-fashioned work ethic, I think we can chase championships. – Anonymous in Aiea

Dear Anonymous: Just stop, Norm.

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