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Gary’s Hoops Scoops: Moving On

By Gary Dickman.

Guess what, I’m still here. I figured, “Why not still talk about what could be going on, what should be going on and what’s not going on?”

But first, there is some UH basketball news. Since last week, UH has had three players transfer out. Two of them didn’t surprise me, with Dawson Carper and Jessiya Villa announcing that they’ve entered the transfer portal. Carper had his minutes greatly reduced and Villa saw the depth chart. Both feel that they can play more minutes elsewhere, and that’s good for them. The surprise announcement was from Drew Buggs, who was the first of the three to announce he is “exploring” his options on transferring out. I do doubt he’ll return next year, as he’s gotten interest from a few big time schools, including Gonzaga, Arkansas, USC, Northwestern and more. So now Eran Ganot has to replace four starters from last year’s team.

I don’t know who will be the starting point guard. Could it be Justin Webster? He’s the best that we’ve seen, but maybe one of the incoming new players might fit as a starter at the point. I would rather see Webster at the shooting guard position. That’s what I’d like to see.

But what I really want to see is ACTUAL GAMES!

Don’t we all miss the actual sporting events more and more? I wish we could talk about the Final Four coming up this Saturday in Atlanta. For the most part, at least in the last week or so, I haven’t really thought of the NCAA Tournament. At first, it was an obvious shock and hard to believe. Now I watch more CNN than ESPN. That’s never happened before. I did imagine who I might have seen in the Sweet 16 in Madison Square Garden this past Friday. I had a decent seat, and some brackets had it possibly being Duke vs Villanova, and Maryland vs Dayton. That would have been great to have been at, and it’ll be never made up, and that’s too bad. (By the way, guess who I would have wanted to win in those 2 games?)

Tonight, I would have been at a Brooklyn Nets vs Portland game. It would have been great to see Carmelo and Dame Lillard. Oh, well. Tomorrow, I would have seen Houston vs Philadelphia, with Harden, Westbrook and Embiid. That would have been pretty good as well.

I also have a non-refundable ticket to the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC. I can only change the date, so I’ll be there at some point.

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