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Test Your Sports Trivia IQ

Ten different sports, 10 different questions. Take this short but challenging Pop Quiz – a Trivia Decathlon, if you will – and see how your all-around sports knowledge measures up. We don’t expect anyone to ace this little test (how many people here actually follow sumo?), but if you do, give yourself a pat on the back! Happy Sunday, everyone!

1. Who holds the record for most NBA career triple-doubles?

2. Who was the first surfer to win every event on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) tour?

3. Who was the first tennis player to surpass $1 million in prize money in a single season?

4. What year did Hawaii’s Natasha Kai help the U.S. Olympics women’s soccer team win a gold medal?

5. Who is the only baseball player in major league history to win batting titles in three different decades?

6. What was Fiamalu Penitani’s sumo name in Japan?

7. Which team lost the very first Super Bowl?

8. Whose final boxing match was a sixth-round loss to journeyman fighter Kevin McBride?

9. Who was the first non-American to win the Master’s Tournament?

10. Who is the last NHL team to win four consecutive Stanley Cup championships?



1. Oscar Robertson (181)

2. Andy Irons

3. Bjorn Borg (1979)

4. 2008

5. George Brett

6. Musashimaru

7. Kansas City Chiefs

8. Mike Tyson

9. Gary Player

10. New York Islanders

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