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Just Quiz, Baby!

From Oakland to Los Angeles back to Oakland and now Las Vegas, the Raiders have a storied history that includes some of the NFL’s biggest games, most controversial moments and most colorful personalities. Raider Nation, this Pop Quiz is just for you. We came up with a dozen questions that will test your knowledge of the Silver & Black Attack. Fair warning: While some questions are basic plays meant to build your confidence, others may hit you like a Jack Tatum clothesline! Good luck!


1. What was the original intended nickname for the Oakland franchise?

A. Sombreros

B. Senors

C. Conquistadors

2. Who did the Raiders beat to notch their first-ever regular season victory?

A. Dallas Texans

B. Denver Broncos

C. Houston Oilers

3. Who did the Raiders beat in the infamous “Sea of Hands” game?

A. Baltimore Colts

B. Miami Dolphins

C. Pittsburgh Steelers

4. Which Hall of Fame NFL coach once called Raiders safety George Atkinson a “criminal element who should be kicked out of the league”?

A. Tom Landry

B. Chuck Knoll

C. Don Shula

5. Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XI, when the Raiders beat the Minnesota Vikings?

A. Willie Brown

B. Ken Stabler

C. Fred Biletnikoff

6. Who did the Raiders receive in return when they traded Ken Stabler to the Houston Oilers?

A. Dan Pastorini

B. Robert Brazile

C. Curly Culp

7. Who was on the receiving end of Jim Plunkett’s 80-yard TD pass against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XV?

A. Cliff Branch

B. Bob Chandler

C. Kenny King

8. How many rushing yards did Marcus Allen have in his MVP performance in Super Bowl XVIII?

A. 177

B. 181

C. 191

9. Which NFL team originally drafted two-time Super Bowl-winning QB Jim Plunkett?

A. San Francisco 49ers

B. New England Patriots

C. Baltimore Colts

10. Since the year 2000, which Raider has been named to the most Pro Bowls?

A. Shane Lechler

B. Marcel Reece

C. Lincoln Kennedy

11. Who is the only Raider to score touchdowns as a rusher, receiver, punt returner and kickoff returner?

A. Cliff Branch

B. Jerry Porter

C. Tim Brown

12. Who holds the record for longest run in Raiders history?

A. Terrelle Pryor

B. Bo Jackson

C. Darren McFadden



1. B – Senors. Their team colors were going to be orange and black.

2. C. The Raiders beat the Oilers, 14-13, in the third game of their inaugural season.

3. B – Miami Dolphins

4. B – Chuck Knoll

5. C – Fred Biletnikoff

6. A – Dan Pastorini. He injured his leg in the fifth game of the 1980 season, paving the way for Jim Plunkett.

7. C – Kenny King

8. C – Allen’s 191 rushing yards was a Super Bowl record at the time.

9. B – New England Patriots

10. A – Shane Lechler

11. C – Tim Brown

12. A – Terrelle Pryor. It’s also the longest run ever by an NFL QB.



PERFECT 12: You just won, baby!

10 to 11 Correct: You truly are Committed to Excellence

6 to 9 Correct: You’re an esteemed Captain of Raider Nation

3 to 4 Correct: Keep working. You show promise.

1 to 2 Correct: Black Hole? More like sink hole!

Zero Correct: JaMarcus, is that you?

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