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Gary’s Blog: the NBA, NHL Return

Now, the waiting begins. Waiting, that is, for the NBA and NHL to return to actual games in what will be known as “Bubble Cities.” I’m going to watch these sports with an open mind. I say that now, at least. At first, I wanted these sports to cancel the remainder of their seasons. And that was mostly for selfish reasons. The sooner the seasons were cancelled, the sooner I’d get my refunds for the six games that I have tickets for.

In Hockey, the games were cancelled. Great for me. The NBA is actually playing two of the games I have tickets for, but since I don’t have a ticket for the Bubble City, my ticket broker, Seat Geek, has e-mailed me and I should be getting the refunds for all six games soon. Bit of advice here: If you want to know who I consider the best ticket broker to buy from, I strongly suggest Seat Geek over all the rest. Never a problem, lowest service fees of any, no inflating prices like the other guys. And with the NBA and NHL returning in July, imagine this: If everything goes right (and we all deserve for things to eventually go right), in October we will have the NBA Finals happening on the same day as NFL Sunday football, along with the MLB playoffs and NHL playoffs. To go from where the only live sport is where mannequins fill the stands, to all these games going on at once, I’ll say it again: We all deserve this.

On this blog, I do stay away from politics and discussing some of the problems plaguing this country. But I do want to let everyone know about a guest this Friday on “The Sports Animals.” Nate Boyer is a former Green Beret who also played in the NFL with Seattle. As a military veteran, he is the person who encouraged Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the National Anthem before games. If you haven’t heard this story, make sure you tune in. You’ll be surprised about the back story to all of this.

DID YOU KNOW? I always laugh at these really obscure laws from around the world. So here are a few:

It’s illegal to sell chewing gum in Singapore.
It’s illegal in France to carry live snails on a train, unless you buy them tickets.
In Turkey, you can’t strike anyone with a sword, except on alternate Mondays.
In Fresno, it’s illegal to annoy a lizard at a park.
In Spain, it’s illegal to drive in flip flops or to hang your underwear outside.
In Australia, bars must feed horses.
These are true, by the way. It’s on the internet, so it must be.

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