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Sunday Trivia

Happy Father’s Day, sports fans! Here’s a little Pop Quiz for the Sports Dad in your life. We made this one a little more difficult – sorry, no multiple-choice questions this time – because most Dads love a good challenge. The dozen questions below focus on a variety of sports, from the NFL to baseball to University of Hawaii volleyball, and cover a pretty wide time span. At the very least, this quiz will enable Dad to win some trivia bets! Let’s go:

1. Who gave NFL linebacker Lawrence Taylor a one-million-dollar, interest-free loan in an attempt to lure him to the USFL?

2. Who was the first player taken in the inaugural WNBA Draft?

3. The Rainbow Wahine volleyball team captured their first national championship in 1979. Who did they beat in the final?

4. Which former NFL star titled his 1980 autobiography, “They Call Me Assassin”?

5. Who did Hulk Hogan pin to win his first WWE championship in 1984?

6. What television sports program made its debut on September 7, 1979?

7. Name the only NFC team to never appear in the Super Bowl.

8. Who was the first player to hit 100 home runs for three different major league ball clubs?

9. What was the nickname of Hawaii Winter League Baseball’s West Oahu team?

10.  Where did Carmelo Anthony play his college ball?

11. What’s the nickname of the NHL’s Minnesota franchise?

12. What country won the 2018 men’s FIFA World Cup?



1. Donald Trump

2. Dena Head

3. Utah State

4. Jack Tatum

5. The Iron Sheik

6. ESPN SportsCenter

7. Detroit Lions

8. Reggie Jackson

9. CaneFires

10. Syracuse

11. Wild

12. France

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