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Gary’s Blog: “My Big Mac Attack”

First of all, I have to apologize. To a company. To a company i was critical of a few weeks ago. The name is Seat Geek. I said that they weren’t doing a good enough job with my ticket refund from cancelled games. They weren’t as bad as Ticketmaster, but I wanted a quicker response. A few hours after writing my blog two weeks ago, they kind of came through. As of now, I am waiting for my money to be returned. They said within 30 days, they’ve been really good about communicating about this, and now it’s just a matter of time. I would think that everybody will be as happy as me when this is over. For me, finally getting my money back; for you, not having to read about this anymore. But it’s not like I have games to recap every week, right?

I feel as though we’re all in a waiting game these days. Waiting for the games to resume, we hope. I’m glad June is over. Not a good month, was it? Usually July is the slowest month of the year in sports. Mostly, it’s been only MLB games that aren’t very important. This year, July has the potential to be a great, important month. It has the potential to have three pro sports going on as well as NFL camps opening up. I’m gonna take the “I’ll believe it when I see it approach,” though. I know the plans are in place and bubbles will be populated. Now that’s a term I never thought would be necessary: bubbles will be populated. I hope it goes according to plan for both the NBA and NHL. And football as well.

This 4th of July will be different. For obvious reasons. There will be a hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, just without fans. I’ve been in two eating contests in my life. I thought they’d be easy. They weren’t. It was many years and many pounds ago. The first was a Big Mac eating contest. I was in 10th grade. I was the only sophomore, the rest were all seniors. But I established myself as someone who could eat a lot of burgers, pizza, etc., and they let me in. We had one hour and I knew that I wouldn’t be denied. And if the contest was 20 minutes long, I would have won. I ate five Big Macs in the first 20 minutes and was easily in the lead. But that special sauce didn’t taste so special after the five Big Macs, and I only managed two more over the next 40 minutes. One mistake I made was to drink fruit punch instead of water, so I got full pretty fast. But for a while, I thought I’d be the talk of my school, a sophomore out-eating all these seniors. It was two teams competing, and we lost 50-49. The individual winner was my friend, Billy Oliver, who ate 11 Big Macs in the hour, and shoved an entire sandwich in his mouth in the last 30 seconds in an effort to get the victory. So close, yet so far. What I also remember was when I got home is that my stomach ached. A lot. So I just walked up and down my block in an effort to ease the pain. It didn’t help much. I remember that I didn’t have another Big Mac for many months after that The special sauce was tattooed on my taste buds. Ah, those high school days were fun!

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