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Qualifying for ESPN Honolulu’s Ultimate Sports Trivia Challenge starts tomorrow morning on “The Bobby Curran Show.” If you love testing your sports IQ, you’ll definitely want to be a part of this head-to-head, single elimination competition that awards great prizes with every round you advance. The First Round starts Thursday, July 16. And because we’re such good folks, here’s a set of 10 trivia questions to help get you ready for the contest. Notice, these aren’t multiple choice queries. Some are relatively easy, others are fairly difficult. Some are local, most are not. And some questions go way back, while others are of more recent vintage. Good luck, and we hope to see you in our Ultimate Sports Trivia Challenge!


1. Which former University of Hawaii basketball player was nicknamed, “Helicopter”?

2. From 1971 to 2001, he was the men’s basketball coach for the Louisville Cardinals.

3. Which Hall of Fame racehorse won the Belmont Stakes by a whopping 31 lengths?

4. Who was the only player to be voted MVP in both the NBA and ABA?

5. What famous pro athlete’s real first name is “Eldrick”?

6. What major league team originally drafted Kaiser pitcher Sid Fernandez?

7.What number did Joe Montana wear when he played for the Kansas City Chiefs?

8. The late Kobe Bryant’s father, Joe Bryant, also played in the NBA. What was Joe Bryant’s nickname?

9.Who was the first and only champion of the short-lived World Football League in the mid-1970s?

10. Who holds the Rainbow Classic single-game scoring record, with 53 points?



1. Erin Galloway

2. Denny Crum

3. Secretariat

4. Julius Erving

5. Tiger Woods

6. L.A. Dodgers

7. Montana wore #19

8. “Jellybean”

9. Birmingham Americans

10. Pete Maravich

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