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Gary’s Blog: Let the Chatter Begin!

“Play Ball!” Those two simple words are always significant, but even more so this week, and this year. I wasn’t sure this Thursday would ever happen. The last time we watched a pro sports team play was over four months ago. And on Thursday, we got it back. For now , at least. Usually baseball in July doesn’t do much for me. But this July, baseball means more than in any other year. It’s a start to getting back to normalcy. This is just a small step. But it’s a step in the right direction. And these days, I’ll take it. Won’t we all?

Yes, it’ll be different. But everything is so different anyway, that getting back to normal might take getting used to. And with this small step, next week we get even more for now. The NBA will be back on July 30th, the NHL on August 1st. I know for me, I’ll never view sports the same as before. I took for granted that one of my teams was playing everyday, and most of the games weren’t very important. But having gone so long without these games, I’m going to appreciate every game – win , lose, or draw. I hope it’s not too long that I can see a game in person, but I’ll take a little at a time for now.

As for the NBA, no fans in attendance might mean more here than in any other sport. NBA players like to talk trash, and they will at times curse a little (or a lot). And now without fans, we should be able to hear it. I’m looking forward to that. It won’t be PG rated, but I’m looking forward to hearing what is being said. In football, there are helmets, and players talking under a pile at midfield that will probably prevent us from hearing too much. Hockey has the glass separating the microphones from the players, and baseball is a slower sport, so i don’t expect too hear too much. But the NBA, I cant wait. Russell Westbrook seems to talk every time he takes a shot, and now I want to hear everything he says. When LeBron dunks on someone, I want to hear the talk. Joel Embiid  seems to hate on every opponent. Now  we get to hear what he’s saying. This could make the NBA even more entertaining. Although there is talk that the NBA might put games on a delay so we’re not gonna hear all the fun stuff. Come on Adam Silver, don’t take this away from us.

Next week, I’m going to talk about some of the greatest TV shows made, and a strange similarity that they have.  Hint: It has to do with bad manners.

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