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UH Football Quiz

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for the start of the University of Hawaii football season – whenever that is. It feels like eons since the Rainbow Warriors handled BYU in the SoFi Hawaii Bowl. To whet your appetite for what’s (hopefully) to come, here’s a quick Pop Quiz on UH football. These questions focus on the Division I era of the program, so we only go as far back as far the Larry Price years. Enjoy!


1. Who was Hawaii’s opponent for their first-ever game at Aloha Stadium?

A. Texas A&I

B. Nebraska

C. Portland State

2. Who holds the UH record for most passing yards in a single game?

A. Colt Brennan

B. Nick Rolovich

C. Bryant Moniz

3. To date, Hawaii has only one road victory against a nationally ranked team. Who did they beat?

A. Fresno State

B. San Diego State

C. Colorado

4. Who holds the UH record for most QB sacks in a single game?

A. Al Noga

B. Mark Odom

C. Travis Laboy

5. What former UH signal caller has the record for most career QB starts?

A. Raphel Cherry

B. Timmy Chang

C. Colt Brennan

6. What team did Hawaii beat in 1999 to end a 19-game losing streak?

A. Appalachian State

B. Idaho

C. Eastern Illinois

7. Who is the program’s all-time leader in interceptions?

A. Jeris White

B. Mana Silva

C. Rojesterman Farris

8. Who holds the UH record for most total tackles in one season?

A. Levi Stanley

B. Jeff Ulbrich

C. Pisa Tinoisamoa

9. Who did Hawaii face in the 1989 Aloha Bowl – Hawaii’s first postseason bowl,appearance?

A. Michigan State

B. Houston

C. Oregon State

10. Who is the only RB to lead Hawaii in rushing yards for four consecutive seasons?

A. Gary Allen

B. Alex Green

C. Diocemy Saint Juste

11. Who is the only UH QB to win his starting debut as a true freshman?

A. Josh Skinner

B. Timmy Chang

C. Chevan Cordeiro

12. Who was the last No. 1 team in the country to play Hawaii?


B. Ohio State

C. Florida



1 – A. Hawaii fell to Texas A&I, 43-9.

2 – C. Moniz passed for 560 yards against SJSU in 2010.

3 – A. Hawaii upset No. 22 Fresno State, 32-29, in Fresno in 2008.

4 – B. Odom registered 4 sacks against BYU in 1989.

5 – B. Chang started 30 games as UH QB.

6 – C. Hawaii beat Eastern Illinois, 31-27.

7 – B. Silva had 14 career interceptions.

8 – B. Ulbrich had 169 total tackles in 1999.

9 – A. The Rainbow Warriors lost to Michigan State, 33-13.

10 – A. Allen led UH in rushing from 1978 through 1981.

11 – C. Cordeiro helped Hawaii beat Wyoming, 17-13, in 2018.

12 – B. Hawaii fell to the top-ranked Buckeyes, 38-0, in 2015.

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