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Gary’s Blog: Poor-Zingis

The Air Punch. I’m certain I’ve never used those words in a sentence. Until now. Now that I’ve read up on the “AP,”  I’m suprised I’ve never heard if it before. But on the first day of the NBA Playoffs, Kristops Porzingis apparently was guilty of throwing The Air Punch, and apparently that’s frowned upon. One of the things that’s fairly new is getting a head referee or umpire after a game to be interviewed by a pool reporter. And after the LA Clippers beat the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night, there was some controversy about what wasn’t an ejection (more on that coming), but the two technicals that Porzingis got  in the game. And as the head official said, the first tech was an automatic call, with The Air Punch. We might laugh at this rule, but the players know the rules, and if they mess up, that’s on the players. And that’s why Porzingis was ejected, as two techs automatically get you kicked out, even though both didn’t have to be called. One key in all this, and this is what bothers me the most, is an NBA player making a stupid play. In a playoff game. Most players who were in a similar situation would have been aware and smart to know, no matter what, you don’t get involved in anything that might get you a “T.” Sorry, that’s just plain stupid. Porzingis must have learned that as a NY Knick.

One observation on these NBA games that I’ve noticed. It’d fans complaining. I have told myself for months now to really appreciate the things in life that I love that were temporarily taken away from me, and don’t complain or let little things get to me. But I’ve heard fans complain about the play of the players, bad officiating (of course, the fans always know better than a trained official), and more. For me, I’m enjoying every aspect of every game: the good, the bad and the ugly. Sports are back, for now, at least. And it feels so good, doesn’t it? I know we are all greedy and want more, it’s called Football. But right now, to have all this back, I’m enjoying it all. We all deserve this.

So as I’m writing this, there’s a new TV show on called, “Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin.” I know, it sounds like a law firm. But it’s one of the newest talk shows on ESPN Radio. This one replaces “Golic and Wingo,” which replaced “Mike and Mike.” My question is this: Doesevery show have to have everyone’s name in the title? Is it really necessary or important?

Last observation: In Orlando, in the NBA bubble, all coaches are wearing polo shirts. They look relaxed. Memo to Adam Silver: Keep it that way from now on. Why do coaches have to wear suits and jackets? The polo shirt look should be the new look.

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