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Gary’s Blog: Words to Live By

Well, since I’ve last written one of these, a lot has happened. And a lot hasn’t happened as well. The exciting sport that came back is football. I have to admit, two months ago, I wasn’t sure we’d have an on-time beginning of football. We have for the NFL, not so much for college football. It feels great to have the NFL season start, but a part of me feels like sports shouldn’t be played yet. I still worry about more people testing positive for COVID-19 because of the return of football. But since I know that I have no control over this, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy all four pro sports going on at the same time.

It felt even weirder for me this past Sunday because for the first time in 11 years, I didn’t bartend and run the show at Henry Loui’s in Mapunpuna. I have been informed that as soon as the shutdown is lifted, they will open and I’ll be back, hopefully within a few weeks. At least I didn’t have to watch my NY Jets lose to Buffalo and play like they normally do, which is pretty bad.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve heard this before, but I heard it again the other day on “The Talking Sopranos” podcast, which I love. It was said in reference to looking at all of the big problems going on around us: the Coronavirus, civil unrest, racial injustice, violence, fires, etc. I told myself when this started a few months ago, that I will try to appreciate what I have, all the good things around me, and not let little things get to me, like my roommate eating my Ice cream or my team losing a game. I was reminded of this expression the other day. I hope all of us will somewhat follow this when possible.

Now, having said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” I did have an experience the other night that really bothered me. And for a few days it did, but I’m not gonna sweat the small stuff. This is what happened: I eat out a lot. Not every meal, but a lot. And I know how things are all over, and I see others doing what I’ve done: get food to go and stand in a parking lot and put the food on my trunk and eat standing up, using my trunk as my table. I went to a burger place (not not a fast food place, so that narrows it down). On their menu board, it had all the burgers, etc., and under soft drinks, it said, “Free Refill.” I asked the cashier if I could get a free refill if I came back from the parking lot. He said yes. I ate, then came back inside. Now a manager was the register. I asked for my free refill. He said it’s not free. I said the sign above his head said so, and the cashier said it. He said it used to be, but things change. I said that since the sign wasn’t changed, and the cashier told me I could have it, I wanted a free refill. He said that I can’t get a meal, go home, and come back with a cup for the refill. I said I didn’t go home, I was at my car right by the door. He said it’s illegal to sit in a parking lot and eat. Yes, you read that right.

I told him how wrong that was, and that’s not illegal, that there are people out there now eating by their cars, and I see it every day. I couldn’t believe his attitude. He still tried to charge me, got mad, kicked his kitchen door and finally filled it, saying he won’t give a free refill again. I told him don’t worry, I won’t be back at all. I felt like calling his boss. I still might. It bothered me the rest of the night. But then I heard those words again.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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