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Curran Events: LeBron James, A.D., and the Lakers

By Bobby Curran

As this is written, LeBron, A.D. and company are about to win the NBA Championship in Orlando. They lead 3-1, and there is a better chance that I will win the presidency on a write in vote than the bruised and battered Miami Heat will win 3 straight vs. the Lakers. And mind you, it would have been a better series if Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic had not been injured as Jimmy Butler has been magnificent.

But it’s beyond argument that LeBron and A.D. are bona fide superstars, 2 of the best 5 or 6 basketball players on the planet. I’m a LeBron fan, and it’s gotten to where you either are or are not. The things the haters despise about LeBron are generally to do with his various modes of expression rather than his play. For example, when informed that Giannis had won the MVP in a blowout with Bron getting only 16% of the votes, King James was not especially gracious. The Twitter verse went berserk.”He’s arrogant, conceited, he’s lost perspective,” they ranted. Bron thought his being overlooked was ludicrous, and I agree. In the estimation of some NBA people, LeBron could have won 8 or 10 more MVP’s. These NBA playoffs have shown despite his high miles, he still is end to end, an unparalleled facilitator, and can still make the huge defensive play.

Before this starts to seem like a paean to perfection, I am seeing a disturbing tendency of Bron to dribble the shot clock down before forcing a one on one move to the basket, often resulting in a poor shot or a turnover. At his best, he orchestrates quick ball movement, creating open looks for teammates, and easy scores. He remains an extraordinarily gifted player but could even be better. One thing Bron and A.D. seem to have is a lack of jealousy or one upmanship that has derailed great teams in the past. And the surrounding cast for the Lakers has a great sense of their roles. Watch Alex Caruso and Rajon Rondo as perfect examples.

This Lakers team is a very good one, but could even be better in the future. And that is a scary thought.