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Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence was his usual efficient self this past Saturday, throwing for 292 yards and 3 TDs against the Miami Hurricanes. The 6-foot-6, 220-lb. junior also contributed 34 rushing yards and another score. If he stays healthy, Lawrence is expected to be the No. 1 pick in next year’s NFL Draft. In fact, he’s been hailed as the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck.

Here’s a sampling of what some football observers are saying about Trevor Lawrence:

247 SPORTS: “Lawrence has done almost everything in his Clemson career. He has won a national championship and thrived on the biggest stages. He has helped Clemson dominate the ACC. Lawrence has drawn comparisons as the best NFL prospect since Andrew Luck came out of Stanford. It is high praise for the talented signal-caller. Lawrence has the arm talent to make NFL throws and the football IQ to understand when to make plays in space. He has been flawless since entering as a freshman in 2018. There is very little that Lawrence has to refine to step right in and be a top NFL quarterback.”

CODY WILLIAMS, FANSIDED: “The quarterback’s talent level is unbelievable as he looks as if he was built in a lab to play the position. Standing at 6-6, Lawrence has the arm strength to make any throw on the field but also has shocking athleticism and agility given his frame. He can take off and move while creating space to throw with his legs as well. He’s gotten better over his two seasons starting, which is saying something for a player who already has a National Championship and a runner-up finish to his credit.”

RYAN WILSON, CBS SPORTS: “A lot of times, especially this time of year, you’re looking for glimpses that remind you why a quarterback can play at the next level. With Lawrence, it happens on just about every snap. He’s the No. 1 overall pick (duh), and that would be the case if Joe Burrow Joe Burrow’d this season at LSU instead of in 2019.”

WALTER FOOTBALL: “Lawrence is just about a pro-ready passer. His accuracy is exceptional, and he consistently puts the ball in perfect placement downfield. Lawrence can fit passes into windows the size of a shoe box, and he drops in strikes past defensive backs. Even though Lawrence will throw into some tight windows, he is good with his decision-making, doing a great job of avoiding turnovers. Lawrence places passes where his receivers can make a play on the ball and avoids giving defensive backs opportunities to pick passes off. The 6-foot-6 Lawrence sees the field extremely well and has advanced field vision. Lawrence has the composure to stand tall in the pocket and does not get rattled by the pass rush. Lawrence is a good fit for any NFL offense because his powerful arm would allow him to work in a vertical offense and his accuracy on short passes with the ability to get the ball out quick lets him fit in a west coast system. Lawrence has a quick release with a fast arm whip. His internal clock is advanced, as well as he gets the ball out quickly and does not put extra pressure on his offensive line. When time allows, Lawrence shows the patience to let routes develop and does not panic if his first read is covered. Lawrence is a calm and poised passer capable of ripping apart a defense from the pocket.”

TODD MCSHAY, ESPN: “Right now I have a 97 grade on him out of 100,” McShay said. “To get some perspective, if you compare him to some prior quarterbacks. Andrew Luck in 2012 had a 99. This is the highest grade I have him. Again, we’re hoping to see a season out of him and we’ll see if it fluctuates, but it would be the highest grade I have on a quarterback since Luck in 2012. When you watch his tape — I saw the Syracuse game. I saw the mistakes he made. I see some nuance aspects of his game that have to improve. He doesn’t have to make a ton of anticipatory throws in that offense. But you’re talking about a big, mobile, strong-armed quarterback, who can make throws and fit the ball into windows down the field that most guys can’t in the college level, plus, the competitiveness he brings to the table, the way he carries the team. And having done seven games of his live the last couple of years, I love being around him on the sideline watching how even-keeled he is. He never gets rattled and his players pick up on that, they believe in him and I think he’s only going to continue to mature and get better at some of those small items he has to improve upon moving forward.”

MEL KIPER, ESPN: “Lawrence would be the clear-cut No. 1. Trevor Lawrence is elite, he’s super elite, Lawrence would be up there in that rarified air, in that stratosphere of the Andrew Lucks and John Elways and all these super-elite quarterbacks that had grades. We could say best grade ever for a quarterback and it may end up saying, Trevor Lawrence, because he will be in that discussion.”

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