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Gary’s Blog: Filling the Void

By Gary Dickman.

Usually at this time of the year, I’m looking forward to the beginning of the NHL and NBA seasons. I’m about to be reminded about how sports depressions feel. Is there such a thing?

I know I felt pretty sad without the NCAA tournament in March, and then for the next four months, no team sports at all. It took a while to get used to the NBA being played in July and August. My Facebook memories last week showed the LA Clippers and Houston Rockets playing here at the Stan Sheriff Center. That was this same season. I think I got a little spoiled seeing great play in the Bubble. I watched more basketball these last few months while working at home, and I know it’ll be a little boring without hoops for the next three or four months.

But one way to fill the void is that, even though University of Hawaii football doesn’t play during the weekdays, there will be plenty to talk about and watch as they start their season on October 24th. To me, it still feels a little surreal that the season is happening at all. When the Mountain West announced that there would be no football this year, I sadly accepted it. There hasn’t been a lot of info on the practices so far, and practices have been closed to the media as well as fans. I don’t know exactly how this season will go, because of a new coaching staff, and no spring practice. But four other schools on our schedule are in the same situation.

I imagine play might be a little sloppy early on for a lot of teams. I never cared about preseason predictions; it’s as meaningless as a preseason Top 25 poll. Whatever is being written or said from the voters or the experts, rarely are they right. Last year, UH was predicted to finish fourth or fifth in the West Division, and we know how that worked out. Let’s enjoy the season, hope for the best and be happy we have a football season to cheer or complain about.  I’m planning on enjoying this college football season just like I did the NBA. I can’t wait.

One last note, I wasn’t gonna mention this, but I couldn’t resist. LeBron James wins a championship and a Finals MVP award, and while speaking on the court after the game, he said, “I want my damn respect.” Was that out of line or what? First, he always says he doesn’t care what others think, only his teammates and coaches. Who’s not respecting him? Fans that don’t understand the game or that are biased? To publicly state you want respect shows again why you’ll never be like Mike or Kobe. They would never ask for respect. Your play on the court and how you conduct yourself and treat others get you your respect. C’mon, LeBron, you should be better than that.

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