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Sunday Sports Quiz

Happy Sunday, sports fans! We’ve got a great week ahead of us, with the start of the University of Hawaii football season and the 2020 World Series, plus more NFL action. Warm up for the games with another general sports Pop Quiz. See how many questions you can answer correctly! Hi

1. What school plays their home basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse?

2. Who became the Rainbow Wahine basketball coach after Vince Goo retired?

3. What NFL kicker was nicknamed “SeaBass”?

4. Who won Super Bowl III?

5. In 1997, this number was retired by every team in Major League Baseball.

6. What sport was featured in the 1993 film, “Cool Runnings?

7.  What city houses the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame?

8. Who won the National League Cy Young Award in 2019?

9. Who is the only freshman to win the Heisman Trophy?

10. Which NFL head coach had a league record 20 consecutive winning seasons?

11. Who upset the undefeated Larry Holmes in 1985 to capture the world heavyweight boxing championship?

12.  Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympic Games?



1. Kansas Jayhawks

2. Jim Bolla

3. Sebastian Janikowski

4. New York Jets

5. #42

6. Bobsledding

7. Springfield (Massachusetts)

8. Jacob DeGrom

9. Johnny Manziel

10. Tom Landry

11. Michael Spinks

12. Nadia Comaneci