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Sunday Trivia

Happy Sunday! With the NFL Playoffs fast approaching and the college playoffs right around the corner, football is the hot topic in sports right now. So this little Pop Quiz is for you football fanatics! Check out the dozen questions below and see how many you can answer correctly. Warning: While some questions are easy first downs, others may sack you for a big loss. Have fun!


1. There are four current NFL teams that have never appeared in the Super Bowl. Name them.

2. What current ACC school squashed Cumberland College, 220 to 0, on Oct. 7, 1916 – the most lopsided game in the history of college football?

3. In 1965, the Chicago Bears drafted two future NFL Hall of Fame players in the first round. Who were they?

4. Who is the most recent Big Ten Conference player to win the Heisman Trophy? (Hint: 2006)

5. What NFL Hall of a Fame defensive end was known as the “Minister of Defense”?

6. What future NFL RB ran for 339 yards against Hawaii in 1996?

7. What number did Joe Montana wear when he played for the Kansas City Chiefs?

8. Where did All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins play his college ball?

9. Who was BYU’s starting QB in 1984, when the Cougars were named the national champions?

10. Who is the only NFL team to appear in four straight Super Bowls?

11. Who is the only player to have both a pass reception and an interception in the Super Bowl?

12. Who broke Timmy Chang’s NCAA record for most career passing yards?



1. The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans.

2. Georgia Tech.

3. The Bears selected linebacker Dick Butkus with the third overall pick, then picked halfback/returner Gayle Sayers with the very next selection.

4. QB Troy Smith.

5. Reggie White.

6. Wisconsin’s Ron Dayne. The running back had 250 rushing yards by halftime. He also sat out the fourth quarter.

7. Montana wore “19” because his accustomed “16” had been retired in honor of Chiefs legend Len Dawson.

8. Hopkins played at Clemson.

9. Robbie Bosco.

10. The Buffalo Bills. They lost all four contests.

11. Deion Sanders.

12. Case Keenum (Houston).

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