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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday! We hope you had a great Christmas holiday. As one final Yuletide gift to you, we present a Sports Pop Quiz that is easier than our past editions. Still, the questions below are just challenging enough to tickle your brain a bit. Take a Stan at these and see how well you do!


1. Which UFC fighter handed Ronda Rousey her first MMA loss?

2. What conference has UTEP, Southern Miss and Marshall as members?

3. Who is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer?

4. What country hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics?

5. Where did Tiger Woods attend college?

6. Who was the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft?

7. What’s the nickname for the University of Vanderbilt?

8. Who is the University of Hawaii’s career leader in passing yards?

9. Who was the only college player on the 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team?

10. Which team lost the 2019 World Series?

11. What heavyweight boxing champion is knownk as the “Gypsy King”?

12. Where did NBA star Steph Curry play his college ball?



1. Holly Holm

2. Conference USA

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

4. Brazil

5. Stanford

6. Kyler Murray

7. Commodores

8. Timmy Chang

9. Christian Laettner

10. Houston Astros

11. Tyson Fury

12. Davidson

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