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In Memoriam

The year 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. We’ve had to endure a worldwide pandemic, political turmoil, social upheaval and other adverse challenges. For sports fans, 2020 will partly be remembered as the year we lost so many greats and all-time legends, including some of the most influential figures in the games we love. Here are just some of the sports icons that passed during the past year:



Jan. 1 – DAVID STERN, influential NBA Commissioner

Jan. 1 – DON LARSEN, only man to pitch a perfect game in the World Series

Jan. 2. – SAM WYCHE, longtime NFL head coach

Jan. 15 – ROCKY JOHNSON, legendary pro wrestler and father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Jan. 26 – KOBE BRYANT, NBA Hall of Famer

Jan. 28 – CHRIS DOLEMAN, NFL Hall of Famer



Feb. 3 – WILLIE WOOD, football Hall of Famer and Green Bay Packers safety

Feb. 16 – TONY FERNANDEZ, five-time MLB All-Star



Mar. 17 – ROGER MAYWEATHER, two-time boxing champion and uncle of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Mar. 26 – FRED “CURLY” NEAL, legendary and beloved Harlem Globetrotter



Apr. 4 – TOM DEMPSEY, former NFL placekicker once held league record for longest FG (63 yds)

Apr. 6 – AL KALINE, 18-time MLB All-Star and Detroit Tigers legend

Apr. 14 – HANK STEINBRENNER, co-owner of the New York Yankees

Apr. 15 – WILLIE DAVIS, legendary Green Bay Packer defensive end

Apr. 24 – KARENA GREENY OWEN, former Rainbow Wahine basketball standout



May 4 – DON SHULA, winningest head coach in NFL history

May 14 – BOB WATSON, accomplished MLB player and executive

May 14 – PHYLLIS GEORGE, trailblazing “NFL Today” host

May 22 – JERRY SLOAN, Hall of Fame NBA player and coach

May 23 – EDDIE SUTTON P, Hall of Fame college basketball coach



June 1 – PAT DYE, College Football Hall of Fame coach

June 2 – WES UNSELD, Hall of Fame NBA player and coach

June 3 – JOHNNY MAJORS, College Football Hall of Fame coach

June 6 – KURT THOMAS, former world champion gymnast

June 28 – JOE BUGEL, former NFL coach and architect of Washington’s “Hogs” offensive line



July 25 – LOU HENSON, longtime college basketball coach at Illinois and New Mexico State

July 28 – JOHN MCNAMARA, longtime MLB manager



Aug. 9 – JAMES HARRIS, longtime pro wrestler who performed as Kamala, the Ugandan Giant

Aug. 27 – LUTE OLSEN, legendary Hall of Fame basketball coach

Aug. 29 – CLIFF ROBINSON, former Portland Trailblazers star

Aug. 31 – JOHN THOMPSON, legendary Hall of Fame basketball coach

Aug. 31 – TOM SEAVER, Hall of Fame baseball legend



Sept. 6 – LOU BROCK, Hall of Fame baseball legend and former stolen base king

Sept. 22 – JOE LAURENITIS, former pro wrestler known as “Road Warrior Animal.”

Sept. 23 – GAYLE SAYERS, Hall of Fame Chicago Bears halfback and punt returner



Oct. 2 – BOB GIBSON, Hall of Fame pitcher

Oct. 9 – WHITEY FORD, winningest pitcher in World Series history

Oct. 11 – JOE MORGAN, Hall of Fame baseball legend

Oct. 14 – FRED DEAN, Football Hall of Famer



Nov. 9 – TOM HEINSOHN, Hall of Fame great who played and coached the Boston Celtics

Nov. 13 – PAUL HORNUNG, Pro Football Hall of Famer and Green Bay Packers legend

Nov. 21 – BRUCE O’NEIL, former Hawaii men’s basketball head coach and international basketball executive

Nov. 25 – DIEGO MARADONA, international soccer superstar



Dec. 2 – RAFER JOHNSON, former U.S. Olympic decathlon gold medalist

Dec. 2 – PAT PATTERSON, pro wrestling legend and former WWE executive

Dec. 7 – FRED AKERS, famed Texas Longhorns football coach

Dec. 21 – KEVIN GREENE, Hall of Fame linebacker

Dec. 25 – KC JONES, NBA Hall of Fame player and coach

Dec. 25 – DANNY HODGE, legendary amateur wrestling champion and pro wrestling icon

Dec. 26 – JON HUBER, pro wrestler known as “Luke Harper” in the WWE and “Brodie Lee” in AEW

Dec. 26 – BRYAN ADDISON, former University of Hawaii safety

Dec. 26 – PHIL NIEKRO, Hall of Fame major league pitcher known for his knuckleball

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