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Test Your Sports IQ

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Happy Sunday! Get your day started by exercising your brain and testing your general sports knowledge! Below, we have a dozen sports trivia questions of varying degrees of difficulty. These questions feature a diverse array of sports, from the NFL, NBA and volleyball to college basketball and even bowling! Ready…set…let’s go!


1. Name the receiver who caught Tua Tagovailoa’s national championship-winning touchdown pass to beat Georgia in 2018.

2. Who’s the women’s basketball coach at Baylor?

3. What NFL running back was known as “The Nigerian Nightmare”?

4. Bobby Webster is the general manager of the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors. What Hawaii school did he graduate from?

5. Name the U.S. President who starred on two undefeated college football national championship teams.

6. Name the three-time NBA All-Star who was a teammate to both Trevor Ruffin and Anthony Carter.

7. Setter Bailey Choy played her senior season at the University of Hawaii. What school did she transfer from?

8. Who handed Ronda Rousey her first UFC loss?

9. Who holds the record for most coaching losses in NBA history?

10. Who was the first professional bowler to surpass one million dollars in career earnings?

11. What major league team originally drafted Kaiser pitcher Sid Fernandez?

12. What number did Joe Montana wear when he played for the Kansas City Chiefs?



1. DeVonta Smith

2. Kim Mulkey

3. Christian Okoye

4. Iolani

5. Gerald Ford

6. Dan Majerle

7. Utah

8. Holly Holms

9. Lenny Wilkins

10. Earl Anthony

11. L.A. Dodgers

12. #19

#          #          #