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By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Happy Tuesday, sports fans! Here’s another round of sports trivia, this time focusing on sports-themed TV shows. Take your shot at these 10 questions and see how you do. Good luck!

1. What TV series featured the fictional college football team, the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles?

2. Name the famous actor who starred in the TV series, “The Rifleman.” He also happened to be one of only 13 men to play in both the NBA and MLB.

3. Longtime NBA star Reggie Theus starred in the TV series, “Hang Time,” for three seasons. Name the NFL Hall of Fame legend who replaced Theus in season four.

4. In the show “Cheers,” what MLB team did former relief pitcher Sam Malone play for?

USC 5. What late 1970s TV show featured the fictional Carver High basketball team?

6. Where did “Hill Street Blues” actor Michael Warren play college basketball?

7. What HBO series starred Robert Wuhl as a shrewd and resourceful sports agent?

8. Name the TV drama that helped actor Kyle Chandler an Emmy Award for “Best Lead Actor” In 2011.

9. Famed actor Tom Selleck (“Magnum P.I.,” “Blue Bloods”) played basketball at what university?

10. In the NBC hit sitcom “Taxi,” Tony Danza played the role of a struggling boxer. What was his character’s name?



1. “Coach.”

2. Chuck Connors.

3. Dick Butkus.

4. Boston Red Sox.

5. “The White Shadow.”


7. “Arliss”

8. “Friday Night Nights.”

9. USC Trojans.

10. “Tony Banta.”

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