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Remember When…

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

As I write this on my iPad, the NCAA Tournament is being shown on my 50-inch flatscreen. Next to me, my smartphone is sending me text notifications on the latest sports headlines. And my Apple computer is streaming “The Sports Animals” show.

What a world we’re living in.

I’m 57 years old. The days of playing cassette tapes and popping NBA videos in a VCR are long gone. As a sports fan, I love the modern technology we have at our disposal – we can basically watch sports 24/7 if we choose to – but the old days really weren’t that bad. I’m sure my fellow old-timers understand what I’m saying. We had some good times. Hey, you know you’re an older sports fan if you can remember when:

♦ …Red Auerbach hosted “Red on Roundball.”

♦ …the Hawaiians played in the the World Football League.

♦ …the University of Hawaii band played “Jesus Christ Superstar” after every UH basketball home win.

♦ …the NBA had a 3-to-make-2 free throw rule.

♦ …Don Robbs and Jim Hackleman hosted “Sports Page 11” on KHET.

♦ …the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sported creamsicle-colored jerseys.

♦ …Chip Davey came out with his Sports Kuleana high school yearbooks.

♦ …the Rainbow Warrior football team ran the “Hula T.”

♦ …you watched “The Dick Tomey Show” on Sunday afternoons.

♦ …this was the football video game of the day:

♦ …college basketball didn’t allow dunks.

♦ …Larry Jones hosted a sports talk show on K108 AM.

♦ …John Tolos, Billy White Wolf and “Superstar” Steve Strong wrestled at the Bloch Arena and Blaisdell.

♦ …O.J. Simpson ran through airports and hurdled over suitcases on TV.

♦ …the Washington Wizards were the Baltimore Bullets.

♦ …George Steinbrenner fired Billy Martin, then rehired him, then fired him again, then rehired him, then…

♦ …famous ex-jocks argued, Tastes great!” “Less filling!”

♦ …you remember this “NBA on CBS” theme:

♦ …the biggest boxing matches were on closed circuit television.

♦ …the “Big Red Machine” ruled baseball.

♦ …the Hawaii Volcanos were in the CBA.

♦ …Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors were an item.

♦ …local sports anchors used to say, “It’s close your eyes time…”

♦ …the UH baseball team played the Hawaii Islanders.

♦ …Larry Ginoza was the kingpin of Hawaii prep football.

♦ …the UH basketball team playing the same opponent on back-to-back nights was a regular occurrence.

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