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Sunday Stumpers

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Happy Sunday! For your entertainment, here’s another round of general sports trivia. This set of questions includes UH volleyball, pro football, the Olympics, sports media, the NBA, baseball legends and more. Enjoy!


1. Who gave NFL linebacker Lawrence Taylor a one-million-dollar, interest-free loan in an attempt to lure him to the USFL?

2.The Rainbow Wahine volleyball team captured their first national championship in 1979. Who did they beat in the final?

3. On April 2, 2019, this NBA player put up 20 points, 20 rebounds and 21 assists against the L.A. Lakers.

4. Who is the only person to win Olympic gold in the long jump four times?

5. Which former NFL star titled his 1980 autobiography, They Call Me Assassin?

6. What television sports program made its debut on September 7, 1979?

7. Name the only NFC team to never appear in the Super Bowl.

8. Who was the first player to hit 100 home runs for three different major league ball clubs?

9. Who was the first athlete to win “Dancing with the Stars”?

10. What was the nickname of Hawaii Winter League Baseball’s West Oahu team?

11. What’s the nickname of the NHL’s Minnesota franchise?

12. What NBA team drafted Dirk Nowitzki?



1.Donald Trump

2. Utah State

3. Russell Westbrook

4. Carl Lewis

5. Jack Tatum

6. “ESPN Sportscenter”

7. Detroit Lions

8. Reggie Jackson

9. Emmitt Smith

10. CaneFires

11. Wild

12. Milwaukee Bucks

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