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ICYMI: Interview With Brent Sobleski

Brent Sobleski, NFL draft analyst from Bleacher Report, recently joined “The Sports Animals” to talk about the NFL Draft.

Sobleski said that the recent trade between the Panthers and the Jets was not the right move for either team. He went on to say that even with the Jets’ new draft picks for this year and next year, that doesn’t necessarily outweigh the potential asset that Sam Darnold could have been for that team. He also said that for the Panthers, Darnold was not the right choice.

“If I was looking at the best quarterback for that situation, Sam Darnold wouldn’t necessarily come to mind. And obviously that’s not a slight against him, I believe he has the potential to become an NFL starter.”

Sobleski added that it is interesting that they made this choice even though they potentially have one of the top five QBs in this class, could have built a team around one of these new players, and at the end, decided to not do so.

“It may make sense for both organizations. but I am not necessarily behind those decisions.”