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ICYMI: Interview Brent Beaird

Brent Beaird, College football analyst, recently spoke with Bobby Curran about recent possible NCAA rule changes.

Beaird said that the so-called “Saban” rule from the NCAA would never have been enacted if Saban was a “lousy” recruiter. There are many any other recruiters that would “run into players on the field.”

He went on to say that:

“Even if they tried to limit that type of recruiting process, it didn’t end up making a difference for many teams.”

Beaird also said that these recruiters are just incredible communicators. Even though Saban seems introverted, he is phenomenal at speaking with these athletes.

“Saban, and other recruiters like him have a great eye for talent. They also speak on these kid’s level, they really understand them, and really get on board with them.”

Beaird concluded with that as much as the NCAA attempts to limit these recruiters, in the long run, it is largely inconsequential.

(Summary By Lucas Horsman)