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ICYMI: Interview with Neil Everett

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett spoke with The Sports Animals about some of ESPN’s specifics on what it decides to broadcast in terms of news outside of sports.

Everett said that balancing what to show and deciding what to talk about, like the recent events in Minneapolis, is very difficult. It is a very fine line. Lots of sports were affected and many games were cancelled that weekend, so those events definitely held some bearing on the world of sports.

“We have a platform that we get to use to inform. There cannot be enough truthful information out there. Personally, I don’t make those decisions, those come from the head office.”

Everett said that he thinks that ESPN does a good job of balancing the content overall.

“I think we do a decent job of balancing what’s important for people to know and what’s going on out in the world, and using sports as an escape. Not as an escape from the truth, but as an escape in the moment.”

(Summary by Lucas Horsman)