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ICYMI: Interview with Mike Trapasso

Mike Trapasso, University of Hawaii head baseball coach, spoke with Bobby Curran about their recent run away from home.

Trapasso said that first off, winning three out of four away, is incredibly difficult no matter how you look at it. The team played really well the first three, which makes the last loss so frustrating.

“With some perspective, winning those three games was huge, still not a fan of how we played Sunday. Winning three out of four on the road, we’ll take that every time.”

Trappaso also said that he wants the team to be playing more consistently. He said that in conference the team was hitting about 250. Keeping that in perspective, Trapasso said, all of these teams that the team has been playing recently are ranked and very strong overall. The team is also working with a relatively new pitching staff, so some shortfalls there are to be expected.

Trapasso concluded by saying that the whole team has been just trying to get more consistent overall, it’s frustrating to get so close and still lose.

(Summary by Lucas Horsman)