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ICYMI: Curtis Murayama

Honolulu Star-Advertiser Sports Editor Curtis Murayama recently spoke with Bobby Curran about the upcoming NFL Draft.

Murayama said that he is not totally convinced that the 49ers are going to take Mac Jones with the No. 3 pick. He said that based on everything that he’s read, there isn’t a decision out there yet. He says that their pick has been changing based on whoever has had the most recent pro day.

“At first, the conversation was “Hey, Mac Jones is the guy.” All of a sudden, whenever someone has a pro day, like Justin Fields last week, then he was the favorite. And now on Monday, Trey Lance was gaining ground. I still believe them when they say they are picking Mac Jones, but the 49ers still haven’t made a complete decision.”

For more of Murayama’s thoughts on next week’s draft, listen to the interview below.

– Summary by Lucas Horsman