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ICYMI: Josh Walker Interview

Josh Walker, Rainbow Warrior volleyball assistant coach, recently spoke with The Sports Animals about why the rankings for volleyball look so strange as of late.

Walker said that even though the team is undefeated (with a record of 15-0), their RPI is 4. The team that is ranked fifth (D’Youville) has a record of 0-2. Walker explained that this year, the RPI isn’t really working as intended as many teams aren’t playing conference matches.

“I’m not sure why they’re even posting it and keeping track of it. If teams aren’t playing each other, then you can’t really figure out how good a team really is. Basically, its not really worth it to look at it this year.”

He went on to say that this creates a system where a team like Lewis ends up being number one basically because they have more parity. He also said that they could effectively lose games on purpose, which would in turn create a higher ranking for those teams that won, making UH’s wins more meaningful in terms of the RPI.

For the complete interview, listen here:

-Summary By Lucas Horsman