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Fan’s Voice: The Bright Side?

For the past 18 months, Hawaii and the rest of the world have been struggling to deal with a pandemic not seen since the Spanish Flu more than a century ago. COVID-19 has taken lives, crippled economies and changed the way we go about our daily routines. For sports fans, the pandemic has robbed us of the games and pastimes we love – minor inconveniences in the overall scheme of things, but still bitter pills to swallow.

Now, as the tide in our fight against COVID-19 begins to take a favorable turn, we begin to think about the lessons these difficult times may have taught us. So our new ESPN Honolulu “Fan’s Voice” question is: “WHAT (IF ANY) POSITIVES HAVE COME THIS PANDEMIC?”

Has COVID-19 given you a new appreciation of certain things? Has it brought you closer to loved ones? Share some positive things that have resulted from this otherwise horrible time. (Responses can be sports related or not.)

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