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Pop Quiz: NFL Record Holders

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Most NFL fans know that Drew Brees is the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards. And most fans know that Michael Strahan owns the record for most QB sacks in a single season. But what we dug a little deeper into the NFL Record Book? Take this Pop Quiz and see how many of these lesser-known records you know!

1. Which running back had the most seasons with 1,500-plus rushing yards?

A. Emmitt Smith

B. Adrian Peterson

C. Barry Sanders

2. What wide receiver had the most consecutive seasons of 1,000-plus receiving yards?

A. Jerry Rice

B. Randy Moss

C. Marvin Harrison

3. Which kicker has the career record for most field goals of 50 yards or more?

A. Jason Elam

B. Sebastian Janikowski

C. Robbie Gould

4. Name the defensive back who holds the career record for most interception returns for a TD, with 12?

A. Aeneas Williams

B. Rod Woodson

C. Lester Hayes

5. What NFL defender has the record for most career solo tackles, with 2,061 stops?

A. Ray Lewis

B. Jack Lambert

C. Mike Singletary

6. What QB has been sacked the most times in league history?

A. Phil Simms

B. Dan Fouts

C. Brett Favre

7. Who played the most seasons in the NFL?

A. George Blanda

B. Morten Anderson

C. Peyton Manning

8. Who holds the single-season record for highest rushing yards per game?

A. Walter Payton

B. OJ Simpson

C. Jim Brown

9. Name the only NFL QB to have at least five seasons with a pass completion percentage of 70 percent or higher?

A. Drew Brees

B. Tom Brady

C. Joe Montana

10. Which wide receiver has the record for most TD receptions in a single season?

A. Terrell Owens

B. Randy Moss

C. Jerry Rice

11. Who holds the career record for most QB sacks?

A. Lawrence Taylor

B. Michael Strahan

C. Bruce Smith

12. Who is the oldest player to have 30-plus rushing attempts in a single game?

A. John Riggins

B. Franco Harris

C. Larry Csonka



1 – C. Sanders had 4 seasons of 1,500 or more rushing yards.

2 – A. Rice (11 straight seasons)

3 – B. Janikowski (58)

4 – B. Woodson

5 – A. Lewis

6 – C. Favre was sacked 525 times in his career.

7 – A. Blanda (26 seasons)

8 – B. Simpson (143.1 ypp in 1973)

9 – A. Brees

10 – B. Moss (23, in 2007)

11 – C. Smith (200)

12 – A. Riggins (36 years and 84 days in 1985)

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