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A Quiz to Grapple With

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Here’s a Pop Quiz that, if you’re not careful, might drop you to the mat. Pro wrestling is the theme, and these questions cover the ring warriors and events from the past 50 years or so. So lace up your boots, climb in the squared circle and see face off against these trivia challenges. Hit the mat!

1. NFL tight end Russ Francis wrestled for his father’s wrestling promotion in Hawaii in the late 1970s, as did his brother. What was his brother’s name?

2. What legendary wrestling star was murdered in a brutal locker room stabbing in Puerto Rico in 1988?

3. What wrestler handed Ronda Rousey her first pro wrestling loss at WrestleMania 35?

4. Who was the very first inductee in the WWF Hall of Fame?

5. What current wrestling champion has used the nicknames “Best Bout Machine,” “The Cleaner” and “the Belt Collector”?

6. McKinley High School’s Harry Fujiwara went on to gain fame as what pro wrestling villain?

7. Who beat Ric Flair at the 1990 “Great American Bash” to win his first world title?

8. Hulk Hogan fought an exhibition match against Rocky Balboa in “Rocky III.” What was his movie character’s ring name?

9. The Black Sabbath song “Iron Man” served as the entrance music for what wrestling tag team?

10. Who beat the great Bruno Sammartino in 1977 to become the WWWF champion?

11. What sport did “Macho Man” Randy Savage play professionally before becoming a wrestler?

12. Who was the wrestler that end Bill Goldberg’s 173-match undefeated streak in 1998?



1. Bill

2. Bruiser Brody

3. Becky Lynch

4. Andre the Giant

5. Kenny Omega

6. Mr. Fuji

7. Sting

8. “Thunder Lips”

9. The Road Warriors

10. “Superstar” Billy Graham

11. Baseball. Savage was a minor league player for the St. Louis Cardinals organization.

12. Kevin Nash

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