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Fan’s Voice: Who Ya Got?

In a way, right now is the best time of the year for NFL fans. The regular season is just days away, and every team is undefeated and filled with optimism for the week’s and months to come. (Well, almost every team. Sorry, Lions and a Texans fans!)

As we head into opening week, there are as many questions as there are possibilities. Who will be this year’s surprise team? Which perennial playoff team might slip into mediocrity? Who will be the top rookies to watch?

So,let’s have some fun. Our new ESPN Honolulu “Fan’s Voice” is divided into three parts:

♦ “Who will be this season’s NFL MVP?”

♦ “Who will win Rookie of the Year? (Offensive or Defensive)”

♦ “Which team will win the Super Bowl?

Please head to our ESPN Honolulu Facebook page and join the conversation! Give us your picks and we’ll review how everyone did at the end of the season. Here’s the link to our page: ESPN HONOLULU.

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